Minnesota pays for in-home care through the state Medicaid program, also known as the Medical Assistance program. The MinnesotaCare program also covers certain home care services.

You can only receive funding for in-home care in Minnesota if you’re enrolled in a Minnesota Health Care Program. To be eligible for medical assistance in Minnesota, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen and live in Minnesota
  • Have a household income and assets below the state’s limit
  • Provide a Social Security number for every household member requiring coverage

What In-Home Care Services Does Minnesota Cover?

If you’re eligible, Minnesota covers medically necessary in-home care services ordered by a physician, a physician’s assistant or an advanced practice registered nurse. It may also cover services provided in a place you usually visit during your day-to-day life. The services must form part of a written care plan.

In-home care services typically covered include the following:

  • Skilled nurse visits 
  • Home health aide services, such as support with medication and personal care
  • Home health therapies, such as speech or physical therapy
  • Home care nursing

Minnesota In-Home Care Coverage Exclusions

Minnesota won’t pay for in-home care without a request from your health care provider and written documentation in your care plan. Furthermore, it won’t pay for services already covered by another provider. For example, you can’t receive state funding for in-home care if you also receive coverage from your Medicare or private health insurance policy.  

Exclusions include the following:

  • HHA visits primarily for companionship, education or nonessential household tasks
  • HCN services provided by a qualified spouse, parent or guardian, unless through an HCN Hardship Waiver
  • Home health therapies delivered in a clinical setting
  • Home health therapies not intended to restore or maintain functional abilities
  • Skilled nursing visits to a hospital, nursing home or care home
  • Visits to supervise tuberculosis medication