Kentucky Medicaid helps cover the cost of home health care for nursing home eligible seniors in the state. While the cost of care isn’t covered directly, home health care is covered under the Home and Community-Based waiver. This waiver is open to seniors aged 65 and older or those with a permanent disability. Seniors must also meet the income and asset requirements for Medicaid eligibility.

What Types of Services Are Provided by Home Health Care?

These services include light medical, skilled nursing, speech, occupational and physical therapy and wound care. It also includes assistance with activities of daily living, including bathing, meal prep, companionship and housekeeping. Home health care services make it possible for seniors to age in place while still receiving the care they need. Typically, a seniors’ need will change as they age, and home health care services can change with the individual. 

Can Family Members Get Paid to Be Caregivers in Kentucky?

Families members in Kentucky may be paid to be caregivers through the Kentucky Personal Care Attendant Program. This program allows physically disabled individuals or seniors the ability to choose their own caregiver. Family members must provide care at least 14 hours a week, but no more than 40 hours.