Hawaii pays for home health care directly through its Medicaid program. Unlike most states, Hawaii does not offer any nursing home or assisted living waivers. Benefits for seniors to age in place instead go through a Medicaid managed care option called Med QUEST.

Short-Term Home Health Care in Hawaii

Seniors with a temporary need for home health services in Hawaii almost always get their benefits delivered straight through their Medicaid coverage. For periods of need that last less than 60 days, Hawaii Medicaid is able to directly fund visits to seniors’ homes by home health aides, wound care nurses and other paramedical professionals. Medicaid also pays for necessary medical supplies, such as oxygen equipment, diabetes testing supplies and durable medical equipment.

To access these services, seniors in Hawaii must be enrolled in Medicaid and have a doctor’s recommendation and care plan that indicates their medical need for them. Supplies, equipment and in-home support services are then delivered like any other medical goods or services, with home health workers employed by a state-approved agency.

Long-Term Home Health Through Med QUEST

Even though Medicaid in Hawaii can directly fund many seniors’ short-term home health care services, long-term needs are generally transferred over to Med QUEST, which is not a waiver program but operates in a similar manner. Med QUEST is a managed care approach that provides comprehensive long-term services that may or may not include residential care in a nursing home or assisted living community.

For seniors enrolled in Med QUEST who wish to remain in their homes, the requirements are broadly similar to short-term coverage via Medicaid. A doctor must approve the services as medically necessary for the senior’s health, followed by a needs assessment by a Med QUEST worker. As part of the overall care plan, the Med QUEST case manager becomes a single point of contact for all of the senior’s home care and home health needs, including the non-medical services they receive.

Other In-Home Med QUEST Benefits

Med QUEST beneficiaries can use the program to get the home health care they need to live outside of a nursing home, but the program doesn’t limit services to just the medical necessities. Seniors who enroll in this program can also use it to access non-medical services that aren’t typically paid for by Medicaid. This includes non-medical caregiver services, chore assistance, transportation aid and nutritional support via home-delivered meals.