Alaska pays for in-home care for seniors who meet certain eligibility criteria. The Senior In-Home Services program covers the cost of in-home care through the Home and Community-Based Grants Unit and is available to low-income individuals who are assessed as requiring in-home care but don’t receive support through other Medicaid waivers. The Alaskans Living Independently waiver may also contribute toward the cost of in-home care for some seniors.

Alaska’s Medicaid Personal Care Services includes in-home care services delivered by approved agencies as well as care provided by certain family members.  Spouses aren’t eligible to be paid caregivers under this program. However, they can still access other support under the National Family Caregiver Support Program.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Medicare and Medicaid Support?

The eligibility requirements for Medicare and Medicaid programs vary depending on the specific program. In general, seniors must have been assessed by a doctor as requiring in-home support to qualify for help via Medicare. They must be classed as home-bound, meaning they can’t travel regularly to receive care services. To be eligible for Medicaid waivers, seniors must also meet certain income and asset limits. Seniors can contact the Alaska Department of Health Division of Senior and Disabilities Services to learn more about available support and the application process.

How Much Does Home Care Cost in Alaska?

The average cost of home care in Alaska is $30 per hour. This covers the cost of having someone visit the senior’s home and provide assistance with common household tasks and the activities of daily living. Home health care providers, who offer similar services but can also provide some nursing care, charge a similar hourly rate as home care providers and can offer seniors the support they need to live independently even when they require some ongoing care.