Alaska pays for certain home health care services via its state Medicaid Program. Seniors who qualify for Medicaid coverage may also be eligible for enrollment in one of three Home and Community-Based Waiver programs covering home health care in Alaska. These programs are:

  • Alaskans Living Independently Waiver (ALI)
  • Adults with Physical and Developmental Disabilities Waiver (APDD)
  • Child with Complex Medical Conditions Waiver (CCMC)


Eligibility for funded home health care services in Alaska depends on care requirements and age, and each program has its own qualification criteria. Generally, seniors can apply for an HCBS waiver if they meet the income, resource and other eligibility requirements for Alaskan Medicaid.

The HCBS waivers typically cover seniors who would need to live in a nursing facility if they didn’t receive home health care provisions. Therefore, applicants usually undergo a functional needs assessment to determine what level of care they require. The ALI and APDD waivers cover adults aged 21 or older. Meanwhile, the CCMC waiver is for children and adults aged 21 or younger who rely on the type of medical or technological support usually provided in a residential home or clinical setting.

Covered Services

Covered home health care services can vary between waiver programs. After enrolling, a care team determines which services the eligible senior requires to meet their social, health and medical needs while living at home. A care plan is then submitted to the department of Senior and Disabilities Services for approval. Seniors may be entitled to funding for medically necessary services such as:

  • Care coordination
  • Homemaker and personal assistant services
  • Respite care
  • Home modifications