Author: Andrea Miller
Reviewed By: Brindusa Vanta

You can do rehab at assisted living, sometimes,  but most assisted living facilities don’t offer comprehensive therapy services. However, staff members can help you arrange transportation to off-site rehab appointments or schedule a therapist to see you at home. Assisted living centers often have pre-existing arrangements for resident care with specialized physical and occupational rehabilitation centers. Ask each community about its arrangements for rehab if your loved one needs this type of care.

Why Do You Need Rehab After Surgery?

You need rehab after surgery to rebuild your strength and ability to function, especially after a major procedure, such as a heart transplant or joint replacement. In this case, your health care provider prescribes physical and/or occupational therapy. 

The therapist provides treatments and teaches you various exercises to improve your range of motion, reduce pain and strengthen your muscles. They also help you walk and take care of yourself independently if you can’t do so after the surgery.

Does Physical Rehab Help Older Adults?

Physical rehab helps older adults. The muscles and joints lose strength and stability as people age, and physical therapy keeps the body strong and flexible, supporting mobility and preventing falls. It also encourages regular exercise, which helps people maintain independence and keep up an active lifestyle. 

Some older adults benefit from specific types of physical rehab. Examples include occupational therapy to boost fine motor control, cardiac rehabilitation to help the heart regain function after a heart attack and neurological therapy to improve cognition after a stroke, spinal cord injury or brain injury.