Vermont, Minnesota, New York, and Massachusetts are among the top states to retire – affordability is the key determining factor for adults 55 and older

CHARLOTTE, NC; August 1, 2022, a leading senior care referral service and the nation’s top site for senior care reviews, announced the Best and Worst Places for Senior Living in 2022. The list is based on’s annual Senior Living Report, which relies on in-depth expert analysis and survey findings from 1,000 Americans over the age of 55 to develop a comprehensive set of ranking criteria based on 46 key metrics. All 50 states and 300 cities in the U.S. were graded across five categories, including affordability, healthcare, senior living and housing, transportation, and quality of life.

According to the study, Vermont earned the best overall score and ranks first in the healthcare category. Minnesota, Maine, Nebraska, and South Dakota are among the top five states for retired Americans. New York is the 6th best place for seniors but ranks number one for senior living, transportation, and quality of life. Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Massachusetts also made the top ten.

In comparison, California ranks as the worst overall state and least affordable. Similarly, Florida, Arizona, Mississippi, and Louisiana are also among the five worst states for retirees. Texas and Georgia are number 6 and number 7 from the bottom and receive the lowest scores for transportation. 

“Our research shows that affordability is a top priority for seniors and adults approaching retirement,” says Jim Rosenthal, CEO of “While many people associate good weather and sunshine with the best places for retirement, our 2022 Senior Living Report offers a broader perspective on a range of factors that impact the wellbeing of seniors. We’ve compiled this guide to help seniors and their families identify places that address the needs and socio-economic conditions of older populations, particularly as they transition to retirement and consider making a move to a new area of our nation.” 

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the senior population is fast-growing, and almost 20 percent of Americans will be 65 or older by 2023. This year’s Senior Living Report focuses on identifying places that offer the most affordable lifestyles and opportunities for older adults. Affordability makes up 33 percent of the final score and this category measures the cost of housing and job availability for seniors. West Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Indiana are among the most affordable states for seniors to retire.

After affordability, the quality and availability of healthcare is the next largest factor that’s panel of experts and survey respondents evaluated to determine the suitability of a given area for seniors. Additional categories like transportation focus on access to public or private transportation services, and quality of life includes the availability of neighborhood amenities like museums, libraries, parks, and fresh markets. The senior living and housing category is based on several metrics, including the percentage of multifamily homes and houses with no steps and entrances. The unique methodology analyzes a total of 46 metrics across all five categories. 

The 2022 report also highlights the best and worst cities for seniors to live. Hartford, Pittsburgh, Burlington, Portland, and Minneapolis are listed among the best cities. In contrast, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palm Beach, Alamo, Brookhaven, and Murrieta were ranked as the worst places for retirement. To access the complete ranking of the Best and Worst Places for Senior Living, please visit

Top 10 Best States for Senior Living in 2022

1st – Vermont

2nd – Minnesota

3rd – Maine

4th – Nebraska

5th – South Dakota

6th – New York

7th – Iowa

8th – Wisconsin

9th – North Dakota

10th – Massachusetts

Top 10 Worst States for Senior Living in 2022

50th – California

49th – Florida

48th – Arizona

47th – Mississippi

46th – Louisiana

45th – Texas

44th – Georgia

43rd – Nevada

42nd – Alabama

41st – New Jersey

Top 10 Best Cities for Senior Living in 2022

1st – Hartford, Connecticut

2nd – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

3rd – Burlington, Vermont

4th – Portland, Oregon

5th – Minneapolis, Minnesota

6th – Madison, Wisconsin

7th – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

8th – Wilmington, Delaware

9th – Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

10th – Boston, Massachusetts

Top 10 Worst Cities for Senior Living in 2022

302nd – Rancho Palos Verdes, California

301st – Palm Beach, Florida

300th – Alamo, California

299th – Brookhaven, New York

298th – Murrieta, California

297th – Bakersfield, California

296th – Carlsbad , California

295th – Port St. Lucie, Florida

294th – Newport Beach, California

293rd – Torrance, California