Does Medicare pay for electric wheelchair replacement batteries?

Lt col b asked...

Where can I find info on Medicare/Today's Option paying for replacement batteries for an electric wheelchair?

Expert Answer

Today's Option is a private Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage plan that you have enrolled in and that provides all your Medicare coverage, including coverage for your wheelchair. In order to find out the specifics of how the plan will cover replacement batteries for your wheelchair, you need to carefully review the coverage documents the plan sent you, and/or the the contract you signed with the wheelchair supplier. Or, you can directly contact the plan itself. You can also contact the supplier who provided you with the wheelchair, to find out what their procedure is.

Whatever Today's Options' own rules are for wheelchair replacement batteries, it has to provide you with at least as much coverage as traditional Medicare Part B would. Under traditional Medicare, the amount Medicare pays depends on whether you're renting the wheelchair or you've purchased it. If someone rents a wheelchair under traditional Medicare Part B, Medicare pays 80 percent of the amount it approves for monthly rental; the patient is responsible for the remaining 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount. If the patient is renting, replacement batteries would be included in the monthly fee and must be provided by the supplier. If a patient purchases a wheelchair covered by traditional Medicare Part B, Medicare pays 80 percent of the Medicare-approved amount for replacement parts. These are the minimum amounts that your Today's Option plan must pay. The plan might actually pay more, depending on the terms of the particular plan you are enrolled in.