Medicare Coverage of Board-and-Care Homes

What It Is

Long-term residence in a board-and-care facility, where a resident receives nonmedical assistance with the activities of daily living but not medical or skilled nursing care.

What's Covered

No part of Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan pays for residence in a board-and-care home. Medicare only covers short-term stays in skilled nursing or rehabilitation facilities under limited circumstances.

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about 1 year ago

Hello B_in_PA Thank you for addressing your need with us. has a Senior Care Directory that may be helpful to you: Also's team of Family Advisors can also answer your questions and assist you with resources. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-325-8591. Finally, your local Area Agency on the Aging can be resourceful:

about 1 year ago

Need a place for a person with MS, in Chester County PA ,who in the past, has fallen a lot, is using a power wheelchair, and a manual for going out in cars. He is 58, needs help with dressing, some transfers and showers (making sure he doesn't fall).

over 3 years ago

Hello acareingperson, Thanks for your comme! If you would like to find an Caregiving facility in the 95929 area, please visit our local directory: ( I hope that helps. Take care -- Emily | Community Manager

over 3 years ago

need a place for a disabled man but not a 100% disable more like 75% disabled, that is on disabiilty, here in sac., ca. 95929 area


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