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Overlap Between Medicare and Other Insurance Programs or Plans Questions

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  1. Does employers insurance or Medicare pay for medical expenses?

    Many people have both Medicare and health insurance coverage through their own employer or their spouse's. Which coverage pays first depends on the size of the employer. In some cases, Medicare is the primary payer, which means it pays the bills first, and employer-sponsored health insurance is the ...
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  2. How can I get the dental care I need if I can't afford it and have no dental insurance?

    The only school of dentistry in South Carolina is the College of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. They see private patients, and could very likely do your dental work for far less than the figure you've been quoted. If it saved you thousands of dollars, it m...
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  3. My parents have a Medicare supplement insurance plan; if we...

    You don't have to. They can keep the same policy. If your parents bought a Medigap policy in one state but they move to another state, the insurance company must continue to honor the original policy, even if the company doesn't sell that same policy in the state where your parents now live. The com...
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  4. Medicare and Retiree Insurance: Which One Pays?

    Many people have health insurance as a retirement benefit, either from their own former work or their spouse's. In this situation, Medicare is the primary payer, which means it pays your medical bills first. Your retiree health insurance is the secondary payer, picking up some of the costs that Medi...
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  5. If our private insurance doesn't cover a claim, can we send it to Medicare?

    You've asked several different questions about Medicare, so let's take them one at a time. First, you can submit your husband's medical bills to Medicare even if you've also submitted them to your work-related insurance. Which coverage pays first depends on the size of your employer. If you work fo...
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  6. Do I need Medicare Part B if I am an active employee over 65 with health coverage through my employer?

    With most employer-sponsored health plans, you don't need to enroll in Medicare Part B medical insurance while you're still an active employee. However, whether it's a good idea anyway to enroll in Medicare Part B depends on the extent of health insurance coverage provided through your employment, ...
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  7. Should I take Medicare Part B even though I still work full-time and have health insurance from work?

    If you're satisfied with the coverage from your health insurance at work, you don't need to take Medicare Part B now -- but there are some benefits to signing up. The advantage to taking Part B now is that it will pay for any services that aren't covered by your employer's health insurance (in other...
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  8. How can I evaluate the insurance companies that offer Medigap plans?

    Although Medicare does not directly sell Medigap policies, it does regulate what the policies must include and certifies companies to participate in the program. Take a look at the Medicare website, which offers a link called "Compare Health Plans and Medigap Policies in Your Area." Click on that to...
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  9. Do I need Medicare Part B if I have retiree medical insurance through my former employer?

    The answer depends in part on the rules of your retiree health coverage. Employers aren't required by law to maintain health coverage for retired workers. So, if they do provide coverage, they can make almost any rules they want. Some employer-sponsored health insurance plans require Medicare-eligib...
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  10. If I go on Medicare, will my provided health coverage still be in effect?

    Many people in your situation are confused. That's because Medicare rules are complicated, and neither private insurance plans nor Medicare do a good job explaining these things to consumers. But you actually sound like you have things right.
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  11. If I have a employer group health plan, do I need to sign up for Medicare Part B?

    The answer depends on whether Medicare considers this special Change-in-Control employer-sponsored health coverage to be based on current employment or to be a kind of retirement plan. That's because of the wording of the Medicare rule concerning late enrollment in Part B. If you don’t sign up for P...
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  12. Do I need to be in Medicare Part B for a year before I enroll with a private provider?

    No, you don't have to wait. Anyone enrolled in Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and eligible for Medicare Part B (medical insurance) can choose to receive coverage for both through one of the Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage managed care plans, which are operated by private health insurance pr...
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  13. What housing options are available?

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  14. Should my parents drop private insurance for Medicare only?

    You need to evaluate the cost of their Medicare supplement insurance versus how much your parents will have to pay out-of-pocket if they drop it.
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  15. Which forms do insurance companies and Medicare require in order for me to become a Patient Advocate for my elderly father?

    You might need a real hodge-podge of forms, depending on the requirements of specific agencies, medical offices, insurance companies and the like. These forms are in two categories:  financial and medical.
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  16. Will a long-term care insurance policy pay for home health care from a nurse practitioner?

    A long-term care insurance policy can pay for the services of a nurse practitioner -- a nurse with advanced training -- under some circumstances. First, the policy has to cover home care. (Some policies, particularly ones issued in the 1980s, cover nursing home care but not home care.) If a policy...
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  17. How much will Medicare cost me?

    Hey Cindy, Medicare Advantage Plans Costs and Coverage are dictated by the Companies that run the Plan. Many Plans have no Premiums, as Money that was meant to pay for Original Medicare, gets paid to the respective Companies with which the Medicare Advantage Plan is affiliated. Medicare Advantage Pl...
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