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  1. Does Alzheimer's cause insomnia?

    I am touched by the tenderness with which you ask this question. This is one of the most difficult issues that caregivers go through. Also, it is one that brings many of us to our knees. Sometimes it seems as if even with the best of intentions to take care, our body still has its needs. We need s...
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  2. I am dads caregiver

    Would a health alert system, or personal response system, help?
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  3. How to care for an aging parent and keeping my sanity?

    You are in the difficult position to remember all her ups and downs. While she is only seeing what is right in front of her. (Sometimes having a good memory is our own worst enemy as a caregiver.) I want to encourage you. You are in a position of strength. I would suggest discussing "things" les...
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  4. What can I do to maintain my health as a caregiver?

    Thank you for answering back but i did again I meant to say I do not have a job or insurance. I do that some times. I guess my mind runs quicker than my typing. Thank you for the advice. I will keep all your points in my mind.
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  5. Can you provide me with informatio on assisted living for young onset dementia ?

    Thank you for reaching out to Caring.com, a leading resource for senior services!
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  6. Is Adult Day Services Covered Under Medicare?

    Hello, Thank you for posting your question. Adult Day Services is a great way for a caregiver to get respite and your mom to get socialization. To find out what Medicare covers you can go to: https://www.caring.com/medicare_information/medicare-coverage-of-adult-daycare . To locate an Adult Day S...
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  7. How long should I put up with abuse?

    Hello Isismommy, Thank you for reaching out to Caring.com with your caregiving concerns. I am sorry to hear about your husband's strokes and heart attack. Here are a few resources that may be helpful: Heart and Stroke Support Group, Heart Attack Resource Center, Stroke Resource Center, Difficult B...
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  8. Thinking about getting into a dementia care

    Hello Kinstrer Williams,
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  9. How do I keep weight off during the holidays?

    This is a test, please disregard.
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  10. What to do while mom is out during Christmas break?

    You've been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy holiday rest from caregiving. Consider the following areas as you plan for this special time. Invest in relationships. Spend some extra time with family members and friends.
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  11. What do I do when both my husband and parents need me?

    Thank you Shelly for the words of wisdom!
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  12. How can I get my siblings to understand my mom needs professional care?

    Very often out of town siblings don't understand that mom needs help. Try to get professional assistance from a geriatric care manager, social worker, or nurse to assess your mother's need and write a report for your siblings.
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  13. Caring for Dad has become more than I can handle. What should I do?

    Hello Roger, Thanks for posting your caregiving question to our community. Thanks to Mary and HJW for your words of advice and support.
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  14. What Are the Signs That It's Time to Put Alzheimer's Patient in Assisted Living?

    Hello Anonymous, Thank you for your question.
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  15. How can I get my mother's doctors to exchange information and work as a team?

    I am sorry that you are so frustrated. I know that in this age of technology, it should be easy for us working in healthcare to all get a quick idea of what is going on with patients just by reading it on the computer. However, that is not always the case. Many health care computer systems have b...
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  16. What to do about Dad's increasingly agressive behavior at home?

    I am touched by all the caring work you have done. Now you are being required to help your whole family. Look at a move to assisted living as a way to add many arms and eyes and good hearts to the care of your father. By caring for him, you will better be able to care for your husband and your chi...
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  17. How long can it be for recovery from caregiver burnout?

    I agree with CA-Claire. It's been five years since the parent passed and in getting my life back together I still face fallout/obstacles from caregiving. I was just telling a friend that I wish these obstacles/artifacts would stop so that I can get ready for my own retirement and decline. Give yours...
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  18. Is it wrong of me ask for a respite break?

    My mother had me at 14 and she made my youth less than desirable. I was told that "if abortions would have been legal, I would not be here". Foster homes, string of step fathers abuse etc...We have never had a good relationship. If we were not related I would not be her friend. Fast forward 40 years...
  19. Respite care to relieve caregiver

    Looking for someone who could "live in" while caregiver is on trip (2 0r 3 Weeks). Family member is 84, male, has Parkinson's and some memory problems. Needs full showering assistance & meal preparation. He cannot walk w/o walker. Takes care of his own toilet needs. Needs supervision re: medicat...
  20. How do I get "me time" without Mom being mad at me?

    There are adult day cares where you can take your parent for the day or a few hours. Also there are adult day care providers who will come to your house for a min of hours for the day, weekly, round the clock care- Whatever your needs. Please contact your area agency on aging and they can help you...
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