Are there any long term care insurance companies serving Florida that will accept clients with history of depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue syndrome?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
A fellow caregiver asked...

I am 48 years old, single, no children.

I have been on long term disability since 1993 for mental health issues (depression and anxiety). I was hospitalized for a month in 1993. That was the only time. I am currently on Neurontin and Paxil.

I was also diagnosed in 1994 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, although that is significantly better today. (I am now active and playing tennis). I am in otherwise excellent physical health.

Is there any company that serves Florida (where I live) that will let me get long term care insurance? I am interested in getting it since I have no family and am not married. I am concerned for how I will get along if I get a serious illness when I get old.

I have been turned down by Prudential and John Hancock.

Expert Answers

Duane Lipham is a certified long-term care (CLTC) consultant who writes extensively on long-term care insurance issues. Lipham has also been a caregiver for members of his own family.

I wish that I had better news for you but it is difficult for anyone who is receiving long-term disability payments to get long-term care insurance coverage.

Adding that to your continued use of Neurontin and Paxil as well as CFS, I would say that your chances of being approved for a long-term care insurance policy are slim at this point. The fact that you have been denied twice already by two major carriers is not a hopeful sign.

However, I would say that based on my experience, of all of the major long-term care insurers, Genworth would be the most likely to approve someone with your health history. It would probably be worth a try anyway.