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Alzheimer's and Other Dementias Questions

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  1. My mother accuses me of not visiting. What can I do to help her remember?

    Dear Deb:
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  2. Is my mom experiencing "Terminal" delirium?

    Please remember, you're dealing with a very ill 93-year old, and sometimes you have to give up your wishes and do what's best for the patient. The facility, especially if hospice gets involved, is possibly better able to provide the 24/7 care needed for your mom.
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  3. When and how is it appropriate to start talking with my sister about her dementia?

    Dear Edward:
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  4. How can I handle my husand's memory issues?

    Dear Nurse Jen:
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  5. How do I keep Mom from trying to leave house?

    Here are a few more tips and resources to help you keep Mom from trying to leave the house.
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  6. Mom is between level 5 & 6 dementia and she refuses help. What can we do?

    Dear Anonymous Caregiver:
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  7. I have durable POA of my mom and my sister want to change it. How Can I stop it?

    Dear Daughter with Durable Power of Attorney:
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  8. Is talking to mirrors a behavior of moderate Alzheimer's?

    That's a great point, alwysgayles. We can learn a lot about our loved ones if we slow down enough and just listen. Thank you for sharing.
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  9. How do I make my Mother go see a doctor when she flatly refuses?

    I feel your pain. You are in a tough spot and you are not alone. Connie gave a thorough and excellent answer. You have embarked on a stressful, frustrating, and difficult journey as your relationship with your mother is changing. I simply add that you need to have your own support system and tak...
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  10. Alzheimers and Genetics-Is there a chance I may have "presymptomatic" markers?

    It is possible that you might have some "presymptomatic markers" but you have to realize that it is not clear if and how they could predict development of dementia in individual cases. They are used only in clinical research.
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  11. Does my 78 year old mother have Dementia or Paranoid Schizophrenia?

    If your mother has no cognitive impairment after years of having this hallucination, it is unlikely that she has dementia. It is more likely that she has paranoid schizophrenia that should be treatable.
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  12. Is Alzheimer's more aggressive in a men?

    I can't say I've seen any research to suggest that Alzheimer's is more aggressive in men.
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  13. My mother seems to have early signs of dementia. What should I do?

    Hello Anonymous, Thank you for submitting this common caregiving question. I'm sorry to hear about your mom's health. Here are a few resources from Caring.com that may be helpful as you plan your caregiving trajectory:
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  14. How to Handle False Storytelling In Social Situations?

    Delusions as well as memory loss often characterize dementia. Storytelling is not much different from delusional thinking and the guiding principle often is to allow someone their delusions unless they are harmful to the person or to others. Your spouse remembers he was in the Navy and now needs to ...
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  15. How can I stop my husband with Alzheimer's from urinating in crazy places at home?

    When a loved one has Alzheimer's, impaired judgment makes it increasingly difficult to redirect one’s urge to urinate in appropriate places.
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  16. How do I get the state to leave my mother alone?

    Justinian, it is certainly a challenge to face state intervention after losing your father a decade earlier.
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  17. My mother is losing her memory. How can I get her to see a doctor?

    What is happening? Your mother is likely experiencing the paranoia and delusions common to certain stages of specific dementias. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common dementia to cause this type of behavior. However, it is very important that your mother be thoroughly evaluated by a qualified geria...
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  18. Can I take my mother (who has dementia) on a 15-hour flight to fulfill her wish to visit the Sequoia National Park?

    Hi. Your situation is not an uncommon one among caregivers. I agree with Dr. Volicer and Dr. Lambert. This journey may be too much for your mother and you. To Dr. Volicer's point, a companion would probably be necessary. I just learned of a company www.assistedvacation.com that will work with y...
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  19. My 92-year-old mother-in-law thinks her deceased husband is having an affair. How can we put an end to this upsetting delusion?

    Hi DBB. You are not alone in this. Your mother's experience is rather prevalent in the dementia population. My grandmother had the same accusations. Unfortunately, rationalizing this is not going to work.
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  20. If my father with dementia gets into a car accident, will his insurer cover it?

    This is one of those questions we fear to face but in just asking the question, we become liable. Well, maybe not in this case, because the caregiver asking is anonymous.
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