What burial benefits do disabled veterans have?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Road runner asked...

i am a disabled veteran , what burial benefits do i have.

Expert Answers

There are several kinds of VA funeral and burial-related cash assistance available to you and your family. The specific help depends on your benefits status at the time of your death and whether the cause of your death is related to a service-related disability. You may also receive burial at a national cemetery.

Your family can be paid a VA funeral and burial allowance if you die from a service-related disability, if you are receiving a VA pension or compensation at the time of your death, or you die at a VA hospital or while receiving care at a non-VA hospital under VA authorization. The amount of the allowance for your family depends on whether your death is service-related. If service-related, the VA pays up to $2,000 for burial expenses, plus transportation costs to a VA national cemetery if you are buried there, if burial is not paid for by other insurance. If your death is not service-related, the VA will pay $300 for funeral and burial expenses and up to another $300 for the cost of a burial plot or interment space.

Also, veterans are eligible for burial at any of the 131 national cemeteries, or in a state veterans cemetery in the state where you live at the time of death, if gravesites are available there. The VA pays for both the grave site and a government headstone provided by the cemetery. The burial site and assistance does not include either arrangements for or the cost of a funeral or cremation. If you are buried in a private cemetery, the VA will provide a government headstone or marker and a burial flag. Arrangements for placing the headstone in a private cemetery and fees for setting the headstone are the responsibility of the veteran's family.

To learn more details about VA assistance for funerals and burials, see Caring.com's article Burial Benefits for Veterans.