Is a curatrix the same thing as a guardian or conservator?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
A fellow caregiver asked...

My father went in to dementia at the same time that my mother died. The bank would not let me put my name on his account and said they would not accept a power of attorney or my dad coming in and signing the paperwork because of the dementia. I had to go to court and do an interdiction (cost me $2,000-3,00) to get ability to take care of him and his affairs. Its laughable because he didn't/doesn't have any money or property. I was named his curatrix. I never see the words "interdiction" or "curatrix" on these sites. Is a curatrix the same thing as a guardian and/or conservator?

Expert Answers

Curatrix is the female version of the term curator, which in legal language means the same thing as guardian or conservator. A curator/curatrix may have responsibility and authority over decisions regarding a person, a person's property, or both. The specific responsibilities and authority of any specific curatrix are spelled out in the court order making the appointment. The term is a very old one that is still used in a only a very few states now, which is why you don't see it used on this site or almost anywhere else.