What the best way of dealing with out of control behavior in Alzheimer's?

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Suestim asked...

I don't know what to do to stop aggressive behaviour getting out of control-ignoring annoys, trying to distract causes more anger and arguing back often leads to violence

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Monica is an occupational therapist and designer of adapted dementia products through her company MindStart. Activities for Persons With Memory Loss. In addition, she works with the Minnesota-North Dakota Alzheimer's Association and the University of Minnesota on dementia issues. MindStart provides age-appropriate and stage-appropriate dementia activities, such as games, puzzles, and books. The items are simplified to meet the needs of various stages of dementia while remaining dignified and familiar in appearance

Dealing with out of control behavior can be very stressful and draining for the caregiver. So it is wise to look for ideas to help minimize the behaviors and how to handle them when they do occur. First, usually a "behavior" is not something that comes on with no cause but rather there is an underlying cause, that you have to do detective work to figure out. Perhaps it happens at a certain time of day or when the noise level in the environment gets elevated. Maybe the person is thinking of past life struggles and reliving them (for instance an argument with an old work boss). Starting a journal that tracks the behaviors and what was going before and during the behavior and also time of day, may help you to see triggers. Then you can work to try things that may avoid those triggers. You may find the person needs more quiet time...or the opposite, more activity, if boredom is the cause. I would also advise you be sure to have some supports in place for yourself so that you can have a break. This can include a quick phone call to the Alzheimer's Association, which has counselors available 24/7. Last, have a conversation with the physician, who may have additional suggestions, which as a last resort may include medications.