Will Medicaid stop paying for my grandmother's assisted living facility if we take her out for the weekend or out for dinner?

2 answers | Last updated: Nov 22, 2016
Missing grandma asked...

My grandmother is in a nursing home and is suffering from dementia. Will Medicaid stop paying for her care if we take her out on weekend getaways or out for dinner once a week?

Expert Answers

Absolutely not. In determining someone's income to decide whether they qualify for Medicaid, substantial regular non-cash contributions from family, for example in the form of rent-free housing or daily meals and all clothing, is sometimes considered. But even regularly taking your grandmother out of the nursing home for a family visit or getaway, or for a meal, does not amount to "income" and would not disqualify her for Medicaid coverage of her nursing home care.

Community Answers

Grannylove2 answered...

What you have to worry about is the nursing facility's rules. Some put a limit on how long the patient can be gone from the facility before they turn the bed over to someone else - and sometimes it is a very short period of time.