What are my legal responsibilities when caring for a parent who lives with me?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
A fellow caregiver asked...

What are my legal responsibilities when caring for a parent who is living in my home and has Parkinson's and is mentally ok and sometimes refuses to sometimes eat or go to the doctors

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As Founder and Director of Circles of Care, Ann Cason provides caregiving, consulting, and training services to individuals and public and private organizations involved in eldercare. She is the author of Circles of Care: How to Set Up Quality Home Care for Our Elders.

You could use the web site elderlawanswers.com to ask any legal questions about caring for your parent at home.

To me this is not a legal question. Very old people or the frail often don't want to eat or go to the doctor. Try to relax so it doesn't become an issue where stubborness could develop. it might help to meet with the doctor or even nurse practitioner to better understand the progress of Parkinson's. Also, you could begin to talk with your parenet about the illness. What are wishes for the end of life. What are the hopes or the fears. It isn't easy to do this, but if there is an advanced directive, that can be a good tool for discussion.

Parkinson's is a difficult disease. It is very good that you are caring for your frail parent.