poa payment for services on dementia patient

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Atrucarer asked...

We have been taking care of a aunt with dementia for the past several years. She is getting to the point where we will need to get her into a home. We have a DPOA with a gifting clause and no agreements for payment of services. We have kept all accounting and never paid ourselves a dime. Is it legal for us to purchase any of her property and get some reasonable pay for the job of liquidating her assets to ease our next job as executor? They had no kids, so it will be up to us to sell and get rid of the house and belongings. I feel for anyone who steps up takes care of their loved ones, hats off to you. It is a second full time job and household to run. But as most of you probably know there is always the "other" side of the family that are circling above you like vultures, but can't come down and help with anything. We have and will do everything in our aunts best interest and feel if we sell everything off while she is in a home, it all turns into money in her account, that way no arguing about the house or car or TV or whatever. They can land and get their money and go circle someone else when the time comes . Thank you