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Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for home modifications?

5 answers | Last updated: May 11, 2015
A fellow caregiver asked...

My son had open-heart surgery and a stroke. He has Medicare and Medicaid. I am 71 years old and his caregiver. Will they help to put in a walk-in tub?


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A fellow caregiver answered...

The installing of a walk-in tub is a modification of a home that neither Medicare nor Medicaid usually covers. That's because it involves a physical change to the home, rather See also:
Hire a Caregiver
than the addition -- through purchase or rental -- of medical equipment or supplies, which Medicare Part B and Medicaid do cover. There a number of types of what is called "durable medical equipment" that Medicare Part B and Medicaid cover that might be useful to you and your son, including a special hospital-style adjustable bed, patient lift, special chairs and other equipment to make use of a shower or tub both easier and safer, special commodes, and many others.

The types of equipment, and how they are rented or purchased with Medicare paying most of the bills, is described in detail in the official online Medicare booklet called Medicare Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment and other Devices.


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A fellow caregiver answered...

Most long-term care insurance policies can pay for home modifications like that. If your son has a policy that was issued in the past 10 or 15 years, it probably has some type of home modification benefit.


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The same question was asked about the walk in tub coverage with Medicare and Comfort Walk In Tubs answered for special cases medicare might reimburse the cost of the walk in tub but you need to file a claim. http://comfortwalkintubs.com/wheel-chair-accessible/


A fellow caregiver answered...

I do agree with Joseph, that government programs like Medicare and Medicaid will not cover home modification such as a walk-in tub. If you have long-term care insurance, then you can use this to pay for home modifications. According to http://www.freeltcquotes.com/long-term-care-insurance/, long term care insurance policy covers nursing homes and other facilities but it can also be used to pay for modifications that can help older adults or people with injuries and disabilities to carry out their activities of daily living.


A fellow caregiver answered...

I've seen some long term care police actually pay for a walk in tub. All polices are not the same. It is always a good idea to ask when shopping around for a good LTC policy. By American Tubs[americantubs.com]