Is it normal for blood cells to become enlarged after chemo?

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Candi asked...

Is it normal for blood cells to become enlarged after chemo?

Expert Answers

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This is not a common side effect of chemotherapy, but it's not easy to answer your question without knowing more about the type of cancer you are being treated for and what type of chemotherapy is involved.

it's common for chemotherapy to lower blood cell counts because new blood cells are made in the bone-marrow by fast-growing cells that are damaged by chemo drugs. I would suggest talking to your doctor as soon as possible and asking for a clear explanation of the problem, and suggestions for how to treat it. Sometimes it helps to bring someone else to take notes and to insist that the doctor explain things clearly.

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A fellow caregiver answered...

This is a non answer. Sending someone back to a physician who in the majority of situations does not have the time or the desire to 'explain' the complete reasons, etc. Go deeper in your answers or else you're wasting people's time.