How can I find an attorney that is affordable and will help me manage my inheritance?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

I have both mom & dad's POA. Their wills read that upon the death of one, the other one inherits all assets; upon the death of the surviving spouse, I then inherit what is left. I have no clue where to start with dad dying one day & mom the next day. There is very little money for Legal Fees - the only assets that mom & dad had left is their house & a car - medical bills have eaten up the rest. Can anyone advise me of how to find an attorney that will not rob me & where I can find info on what I am suppose to do at this time. I am waiting on Death Certificates right now. I am an only child & I have no clue where to start. I have to be very careful about inheiriting anything as my husband is terminally ill. If we lose his extra assistance with Medicare Part D I cannot afford to buy his monthly drugs which would be around $1400.

Expert Answers

You want to find an inexpensive lawyer to help you manage your inheritance. I do not know where you live. You'd need to find a lawyer near you. Even if I did know where you live, I doubt if I could offer any recommendation of how to find an inexpensive lawyer. I don't even know any in the area where I live, in California.

You might check with the county bar association where your parents' live, and see if they can recommend an inexpensive lawyer.

All I can recommend is that you checkout some books published by Nolo, in Berkeley, California:" The Executor's Guide, Settling a Loved One's Estate or Trust," by Mary Randolph, and, if you live in California, "How to Probate an Estate in California," by Julia Nissley.

Good luck