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What financial assistance for caregivers is available?

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julie asked...
I am taking care of my very ill mother. She is bed-ridden. I am a single mom also and my daughter is six. i moved in to take care of my mom. Where can I seek financial assistance for caregivers?

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If your mother has low income and assets (other than her home), she might get in-home care from Medicaid. This could be care provided by a certified home care See also:
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agency. But it's also possible – depending on what state you live in -- to bypass the home care agency and have the state pay your mother directly for her in-home care. She can then use the money to pay you for taking care of her. In some states, this kind of cash assistance is possible even your mother has slightly too much income or assets to qualify for Medicaid.

The catch is that your state has to be offering this Cash and Counseling or similar state program, and your mother has to have low enough income and assets to qualify for it. To find out more about these cash assistance programs, go to the page on this site calledHow to Get Paid for Being Your Parent's Caregiver.

Your mother can apply for Medicaid and Cash and Counseling, or for a similar state cash assistance program, at your local Medicaid office. To find the local Medicaid (social services) office near you, contact the Eldercare Locator by phone toll-free at 800-677-1116, or online with any search engine you can type in the word Medicaid and the name of your state.


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patlyn answered...

I am a single unemployed woman living with her mother who needs basic assistance. I do all the driving and cooking and housework as well as any small things my mother has trouble doing. My problem is I dont have the finacial means to properly take care for my mother the way I feel she deserves due to the fact that I am unemployed. I have heard of other states having programs that help caregivers with finacial assistance while caring for their ailing parent. If anyone could help me out I would apreciate it. I reside in Utah. I know this is not an answer but a question, so if anyone has any suggestions please email me at p_yardley123@hotmail.com with "caregiver assistance" in the subject line


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CynthiaD answered...

Hi- You can contact your local Area Agency on Aging as they have lots of programs available that can assist you as the caregiver and your mother.

You can locate this office on Google. Just type the county you are in and the state as well as "Area Agency on Aging" and the office contact information should pop up.

Area Agencies on Aging are based by county. They will be able to assist you with referrals for local resources, home care, meals on wheels, etc. They are a GREAT resource!

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