Are there other caregivers out there that are disabled or having health issues?

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 10, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

Am having a bit of difficulty accepting and dealing with trying to help take care of my dad while having various health problems and disabilities that make it hard to do the things that are necessary for daily living. Does this make any sense? He is almost 89 and requires the aid of a walker, has alzheimers or dementia and has to do most of the driving. Feel really bad having to ask him to help with some of my medical expenses. Our house is older and requiring some repairs that am not sure we can afford. It doesn't seem fair for him to have to try to help with caring for my stuff when he is the age and shape he is in, but i am unable to work at this time. Any suggestions are appreciated. It would also be nice to find others that may be in a similar situation. Is not easy to get up, motivated and be in a good mood and do not want this to affect his care or well being. Am trying to do better, but am just not perfect and not good for self esteem either. Thank you for letting me vent and get this out as sometimes we go around trying to act like everything is fine even when it's not.