Where can I find transportation information for my dad?

1 answer | Last updated: Dec 01, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

Where can I find information about transportation resources for my father, who lives in San Jose, CA?

Expert Answers

This is a great question, because as our parents stop driving they still want and need to get around. Once they learn about transportation alternatives and start using them, it can take the sting out of the loss of independence from giving up driving.

There are several ways to get local information on transportation options for your dad. Start with his local bus company or public transportation agency and ask about senior transit services. If you aren't sure what the local company is, check out this State by State Transportation Assistance tool on the AARP web site, which is easy to use. If your dad is disabled he may be legally entitled to paratransit services from the bus company, which can include door-to-door transit. Even if he's not disabled, many local transportion providers offer the same services to all seniors. (Either way, there's a charge.)

Secondly, check with your dad's local senior center. Senior centers are a wealth of information on local resources, from transportation services to paid caregivers who do driving.

Finally, contact your dad's Local Area Agency on Aging, a government agency that provides local referrals on numerous senior services. You can find his local Area Agency on Aging though Caring.com's Local Services Directory. You can learn about transportation for your dad, and all kinds of other things, including contact information for his local senior center.