How do I get my siglings to waive ownership of our deceased father's cars?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Turk asked...

Before my father passed he brought me a car with the title in his name and the loan is in the both of our names. I have continued to pay on this loan and would like the title to be in my name. He also has three other cars I have been paying the insurance on and would like the titles to be in my name also. Here is the catch - I have four siblings, we live in Clark county Ohio. What forms do I obtain in order for the siblings to release or waive ownership of these vehicles? Can I file these forms without the assistance of an attorney? I am also the executive of his Estate if that information helps in any way.

Expert Answers

Sorry, I cannot answer your question. What forms you need"”if any exist"”are matters of Ohio law. Every state has its own laws and rules controlling cars registered in that state. I practice law in California. While I am familiar with general rules and methods of estate planning, which are similar is all states, I do not know the details of each state's law regarding matters as specific as what you are seeking. You either need to do your own legal research into Ohio law, or hire a lawyer to give you the answer. [Nolo Press, in Berkeley, provides an excellent book, "Legal Research: How to Find and Understand the Law," which could help you find the answer to your question.]