What are some common blood cancer symptoms?

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What are the signs of blood cancer?

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Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is one of the most common forms of leukemia in adults.

When CLL first develops, patients may not have any symptoms, and this phase may last for several years. CLL is often discovered when people with the disease have routine blood tests during a regular checkup.

I did have “black and blue “ bruises which out of the blue appeared.
Blood Tests
One key test used to diagnose CLL is a complete blood count, a test that can show whether the amounts of various components of the blood are within normal ranges. People with CLL may have low numbers of red blood cells, which causes anemia; platelet levels may be low, leading to bleeding and bruising; and normal white blood cell levels may be diminished, which might lead to infections. Blood tests can also show the blood levels of proteins called immunoglobulins and whether the gene responsible for producing a specific immunoglobulin called IgVH has changed, or mutated. (CLL patients with a mutation in this gene generally have a less aggressive form of the disease.)

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My Father had Sideroblastic Anemia. This is related to Sicle cell anemia in mostly blacks. He was White/caucasion .

His first symptoms were weakness and fainting. After a few tests at the doctor's Office he was transferred to the Hospital for a couple days for blood transfusions. The Hemotolligist determined the above diagnosis and we found out there was no cure.

His bone marrow was no longer producing viable red blood cells. The cells produced were thinner and had a lighter ring saround them. They never matured into adult cells.

After a year or so of transfusions, his Iron loading (Feritin)  had gotten high, so he was placed on Chelation using a drug pump. I think the drug was Desferral. It was verry expensive and the drug company basicly donated it for him.

He finaly had congestive heart failure due to the Iron loading. They should have started the Chelation earlier, but he was really tired of being stuck with needles and I suspect he "unpluged" whenever he could.