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Is there financial aid to help with a house remodel?

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Pangie asked...

my elderly parents live in their home on a reverse mortgage. Looking for financial aid for an oil furnace & installation (currently oil & wood in the basement) very old system & remodeling bathroom to stand up shower & over/under washer & dryer (currently in basement)


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Chris Moore answered...

There are a number of different entities that help defray costs that vary from state to state and community to community. If either of them is a veteran there is a HISA (Home Improvement and Structural Alteration) grant that will pay up to $4100 for imrovements that increase access to vital areas of the home. You should also check with your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) to see what programs they have available. My state (VA) has a tax credit that applies to home improvements that improve access. Many of these programs have been cut back in the last two years with the economy


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momengle answered...

We have several problems. First of all we live in a rental condo. It has two stories and we cannot get up and down the stairs without crawling. We cannot afford to move and the rent amount here is very reasonable but cannot afford to put in a chair lift either. What help is available, if any?