Is there a long time solution for a recurring bacterial UTI?

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Mmickey asked...

My 90 year old mother resides in the Nursing Home and has had 2 bacterial UTIs with E-coli found in the last 4 1/2 weeks. She had hallucinations and screaming episodes. The 1st time the nurse said that they could not get a urine sample because my mom was too resistant. They finally did a blood test and found no infection. They sent her to a small doctor's hospital for psychiatric evaluation. That is where they found out that she has had several small strokes and mild dementia. They also discovered that she had the UTI. Once they started medication for the UTI the hallucinations stopped as well as the screaming. She was returned to the Nursing Home 3 weeks later. Within 2 days she started having the same hallucinations and screaming episodes. She is again in the psychiatric ward of the doctor's hospital and they discovered that she has another UTI. Help...what can we do? She is on medicaid and only has the house doctor at the nursing home. What do you suggest?

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Rosar answered...

Hello MMickey,

Thank you for reaching out and asking this question. I am sorry to hear of the caregiving challenges you are facing and the health of your mother. has a Incontinence Resource Center that may give you some insight on how to help your mother: Also you may want to reach out to your local Area Agency on the Aging for medical care for those on a lower income: Please let me know if can assist you with additional resources.