Is it normal after stroke for my husband to be unreadable

0 answers | Last updated: Sep 09, 2016
Lisslsmum asked...

My husband had a stroke three years ago and seems to have episodes that makes him withdraw and become spiteful. He turns off electricity, water, locks inside doors,throws out good food especially food he knows I like. He packs all his clothes out of the wardrobe and sleeps outside in the shed. He won't talk and throws any food I made back across the table at me or feeds it to the dogs. He uses filthy names and runs me down. The list goes on and on but when these episodes ends he says he doesn't remember doing these things. He can't take depression meds or strong pain meds and can spend a short time crying. My husband was strong and protective and was always there for everyone. He was loving and caring but now all he talks about is hate and violence If I cry it makes him attack me more. What can I do to help him find peace and tranquility.