How do you afford memory care?

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Pt8106 asked...

We think my husband has early onset dementia with Lewey bodies. He is still able to take care of himself with the only, but serious, problem is that he wanders once in a while. I can't figure out how anyone affords to put their loved ones into memory care. The average cost around here is $4500 per month. That is twice as much as I make and that doesn't include a place for me to live. I know that is going to be the safest option for him sooner than later but haven't found any resources to get help for either memory care or home care. He is only 58 and hasn't yet been approved for SS disability. Does anyone out there know of any other financial assistance fr this? My only other choice is to trust my husband to stay at the house by himself at times. I have limited funds and my family is helping as much as they can.

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Rosar answered...

Hello, I am sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis. Thank you for reaching out to for support. Here are a few resources that may be helpful:,, Also, you may want to reach out to's team of Family Advisors. They may be able to help locate affordable housing options for your husband. Family Advisors can be reached 7 days a week at (800) 825 8591.