Help for weekend at out of town wedding.

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Geronimo1983 asked...

I have a friend traveling to St. Louis from FL for a g/daughter's wedding. Husb. had stroke three yrs. ago and now lives in assisted living. She will need help with him over the weekend. Where can she start researching for a helper for for only a few days? He is in wheelchair but totally alert.

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Rosar answered...

Hello Geronimo,

Congratulations on the wedding of your friend's granddaughter! has a Senior Care Directory that will assist you in locating providers in her area: You may also find this checklist helpful as she interviews agencies and providers: and
If you need additional resources, please let us know.

Dottiejones answered...

My mom is able to live in her home with paid caregivers and myself. Mom got it in her head to investigate an assisted living facility. We visited one near us that offered short term residence care for anyone. All the same care as a permanent resident, but by the night.