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Tadcaster asked...

My Wife and I have care for my Mother for 2.5 years. We place her in a home just yesterday. I promised my father on his death bed I would take care of mom

Mom lived on her own for many years since my dad passed in 92. Mom lived in Tucson,AZ and we live in Lansing MI. My sis ter and brother-in-law also live in Tucson, Az (No children). Sister tried to handle mom's financial affairs but became to "Stressed out" so electronically I too over that.

My daughter paid her grand mother a visit and called me becuse of her concern of my Mother's well being. Social service reported concern to my sister. My wife and I both volunteered to take her in

Our life had not been the same since. We both can not leave the house at the same time. Wife took an early retirement from the post office. I work from home 3 days a week. That was two and a half hears ago. Mom have moderate to severe dementia. She fell one night wile my wife and I where sleeping .

After the fall we knew she needed more help that we could give also the strain of the care giving was affecting our relationship and relationships with other family members Daughter and grand kids).

After two hours in the nursing home mom totally forgot the 2.5 years she lived with us I feel terrible I was not able to keep my promise to my dad. find myself in tears a lot today