What to do about credit card debt for my 81-year-old mother?

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Worried about my mom asked...

My mother has a quite a credit card bill racked up. She is currently unable to take care of herself and is in the nursing home. We were advised by the nursing home to just ignore the bills as they couldn't collect from her anyway. The one bill is $17,000 plus. The minimum payment is now over $2000.00.

She is staying at the nursing home, with them taking all of her SS and pension and the state medicaid program is paying the rest of her expenses. Recently I got her bill in the mail. Addressed to me. I am not on her card, but I was years and years ago.

Am I now responsible for this debt? Does the nursing home writing a letter to the card company take away her responsibility to pay? She gets $30 a month now as her spending money.

I'm not sure what I can do about this...

Community Answers

Mimi3*** answered...

Hi Worried about my mom,

. As far as I know, there is nothing the creditors can do to her or you. Simply write on the bills that she is in a nursing home. Keep a copy for your records. Send the creditors a "do not call letter" so they don't make you crazy with phone calls. Send the do not call letter certified mail, return receipt.

You might also want to contact an elder law attorney in your state, because each state has different rules. You could also call your states Attorney General's Office. In my state they have a Consumer Protection department and they are able to answer questions over the phone. Hope this helps!!

Caringdenise answered...

Hello, Sorry to hear about the situation with your mom. Here are resources on Caring.com that may be helpful to you...

Lastly, please consider posting a review of your mother's nursing home to help other families in their search for care: https://www.caring.com/review_submissions/new?utm_source=community

Thanks for asking!

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