What can I do to improve confidence and blood pressure management?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Anand -1 asked...


I am Andy, 27 year man from Asia. Two years ago I had severe discomfort in my chest areas and I was taken to the hospital. Doctors confirmed that I had a bp of 220 /160. Now I am using medicine. I weigh about 95 kg (209 lbs) and am about 5' 7". I am lacking confidence due to my disease, and nowadays I am not getting enough sleep and hence have started drinking alcohol for sleep. I am using medicines: Tozam, Metolar XR 50, Alprocontin 0.5. What should I do to improve confidence and also blood pressure management. Please provide me good tips, and I am thankful.

Expert Answers

Andy, your doctor is the best person to consult about managing your blood pressure. But as for improving your confidence, I'd recommend starting a regular exercise program. Is there any type of physical activity you enjoy? If so, that might be a good place to start. Otherwise, you could begin by walking.

Of course, you should talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program. But once you get moving, I think you'll find that you'll feel much better about yourself -- and exercise will help your blood pressure, too.

Best of luck to you.