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About Rose Haven Personal Care Home

Rose Haven Personal Care Home is an assisted living facility in Indiana, PA that offers residents independent living options and daily support services. Contact Rose Haven Personal Care Home for more details on housing, services, and rates.

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Rose Haven Personal Care Home
Posted by WalkerClerk October 01, 2011

I am a friend or relative of a resident

When you live in a small community, finding quality senior services can often be a challenge, especially if you are on a fixed income. My cousin found herself in such a predicament when her diabetes got out of control and she had part of her leg amputated. This, along with other ailments, put her in a wheelchair and dependent on other people for many of her daily needs. She ended up in an assisted living facility in Indiana, Pennsylvania called Rose Haven, which she now calls home. I have been there numerous times to visit with her.Rose Haven is a small facility that gives its residents round-the-clock care. There are certified nursing assistants on duty 24 hours a day and whenever a resident needs something, all they need to do is ring their call bell. Help will be on the way momentarily. Most of the residents have private rooms, although there are some people sharing a room - mainly because of financial circumstances. The rooms are small, so if two people do share a room, it is a tight fit.My cousin seems content at Rose Haven and takes part in most of the activities, such a bingo, card games, storytelling and musical performances by local school children. She enjoys the food, which is homemade. However, I personally feel that the menu items are heavy on the carbohydrates and starch, which is not good for my cousin's diabetes. She has gained about 20 pounds since moving to Rose Haven, and she really doesn't need to get any heavier.Rose Haven is located in the town of Indiana. Thankfully, there is a university in the town and a hospital with a good reputation, so should my cousin require medical care, it is very close by. There is a large mall and several smaller shopping centers, so she can go on shopping trips with the wheelchair-equipped mini-bus.The staff members at Rose Haven are nice and accommodating and most of the residents are there for physical infirmities (rather than Alzheimer's). I don't know how much my cousin pays for her room, but I do know that it is probably more than she is willing to pay.Rose Haven is a good (but not great) facility for those individuals who have to be careful with their budget and don't mind average amenities and services. There are a lot nicer facilities out there, but sometimes you have to accept one that has a few imperfections and flaws!

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