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Where can I find resources to help with the design and materials for a wheelchair ramp?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

I had to leave my job with civil service in July 2007 after 21 years and take disability/retirement. Due to financial problems our home was forclosed on and now we rent. My husband who is 60 and has been on disability/retirement for many years on Railroad Retirement and is now in a wheel chair. I have sons who can help build a temporary ramp but I need assistance with the design and materials. I have checked with Rural Housing and local organizations such as BCMW but no help is available for me and I need to get him to doctors and hospital for tests and care. Can you assist me with any other resources that might help? I live in Nashville, IL.


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A fellow caregiver answered...

Here is a link http://www.wheelchairramp.org/rampman/manual/rampindx.htm to a guide that was created by the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living in Minnesota for building ramps. Thes ramps are designed to be built in modules and be removable, perfect for a rental situation. Also there is a booklet on ramps put out by the Center for Universal Design that is very good. Here is the link http://www.design.ncsu.edu/cud/pubs_p/docs/rampbooklet296final.pdf I hope this helps