What exactly does a hospital power of attorney do?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Thatfigures asked...

My sister has terminal cancer and gave me power of attorney while she was in the hospital. Does this give me the right to do her banking and other things for her or is it only for medical purposes?

Expert Answers

You want to know what you have authority to do under a power of attorney your sister gave you when she was in the hospital. Specifically, you want to know if that power of give you authority to handle your sister's finances.

Probably the power of attorney you have does NOT give you authority top handle your sister's fiances. There are two basic types of durable powers of attorney. [Each can go by different names, but the essence is the same.] The first is a durable power for health care. It seem probable that you have this type. The second type is a durable power of attorney for finances. I doubt you sisters DPA included this type.

If your sister is mentally competent, she could give you a durable power of attorney for finances.