What else can I do for pancreatic pain?

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Brooklyn1944 asked...

I am an activie, independent married white male, age 71, work full time and my overall health is good except that I have had Chronic Pancreatitis for about 15 years. Type II Diabetes, which I have under control with Repllingide was served up for desert. My gall bladder has been removed. I do not drink alcohol (this was not the cause of my pancreatitis) eat healthy most of the time, my weight is fine, my collesterol is great and I try to take care of myself. I take pancreatic enzymes and Tramadol for pain management. I eat light, try to keep stress levels down and exercise. I am frequently tired, have consistent pain and would like to feel better. A recent MRI indicated that there is "severe atrophy of the pancreatic neck, body and tail. Dilated ducts are present in the distal tail, maximum diameter of 9mm, unchanged from prior CT. There is no obstructing mass. Pancreatic head is unremarkable in appearance and unchanged. There is no acute inflammation to indicate acute pancreatitis." My gall bladder has been removed and I have had two surgeries about 12 years ago to drain a pseudo -cyst. My gastroroenterologist is very competent, supportive and has helped me thru the past 15 years - a good health provider who noted that my attitude is realistic and he feels that there is not much else to do short of surgery. My questions?

  1. Are there any support groups for pancreatitis located in Denver, CO.? There seems to be groups for pancreatic cancer patients but not for those who are challenged by pancreatitis.

  2. Are there any suggestions to help with pain management other than eating light, low fat and bland foods, exercising, keeping stress levels down, taking pain medication and getting sufficient rest which I do about 70% of the time. Ensure has become my "milk shake" of choice. Has anyone tried Acupuncture? I am not interested in using MM..

  3. Does anyone have a pancreas that has severe atrophy as described above, and, if so, and notwithstanding the fact that each case is different, have any suggestions for pain management or other suggestions on how to deal with chronic Pancreatitis.