What causes neuropathy in the arms?

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Den asked...

What causes neuropathy in the arms? It is so painful. The left arm is much worse than the right one. Should oat straw help this condition since it has an abundance of magnesium, calcium, and B vitamins? How can one find out if they have cancer in the arm?

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Waldojj answered...

I suffer from severe neuropathy through my feet and legs and to a lesser extent through my fingers and hands. 

There can be several causes of this, they can be. 1. Injury - severe injury to your head, spinal cord etc.

2. Medications- some medications can cause this.  Stopping the medication (talk to your Dr. first) can alleviate symptoms in some cases.

3. Heavy metals- Mercury and Lead can cause this.  get a full blood workup-

4. Disease - certain diseases can cause Neuropathy. 

5. Diet - a poor diet can flare neuropathy up.  Find out about natural, organic foods.

Good luck and feel free to ask me, I am 39 and dealing with this for 5 years now.



Scribelle answered...

I fell when a computer chair rolled out just as I was in the process of sitting down. This happened again when I moved the computer to a carpeted room instead of laminate flooring.

The first time I squished the cervical spine and damaged the nerve to the right arm. What you are describing is what I go through. The muscles in the arm tense to try to do their job, since the nerve signal is so weak. The nerve can't slide through its sheath because it is squeezed so tight. I have found (in my case) that if leaning my head to the opposite direction causes more pain, then the squished cervical area of the neck is the source.

The second fall damaged the lower back, which has affected my ability to walk. I wear a brace on my lower leg to prevent foot drop.

Overall, you may want to discuss the neural pain with your doctor to see if physical therapy or certain neural painkiller techniques/pills would help. In the meantime, I find it helpful not to lift anything heavy, as it affects my neck, and then my arm. Roller crates are wonderful for everyday tasks. I can lift small items, and then roll the whole thing to where I want it.

I hope this helps.