What Can We Do Now That Dad Is Buried and We Have This Huge Bill?

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Dyanport asked...

We buried my dad last week. In the rush to complete arrangements we did not shop funeral homes and used the one recommended to us by someone. My brother chose their mid-ranged cremation (one with a memorial service) and signed off on a $3,300 estimate. Now that I have had time to look at pricing, I see that this price (and the total $4,777 price tag), is way over the top in terms of average costs for cremations. Is there anything we can do now?

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Ed Markin, BS, MBA, PhD, is the director of research for the Alzheimer's Disease Research Foundation and author of more than a dozen books. For the past 15 years, Markin has operated the Funeral Help Program.

Not sure I understand the situation. You said you BURIED your father after cremation? if so then at least some of those charges are likely for the burial portions of the service. Still high for cremation, one would think. You might get with the FH and ask for an explanation of charges and, if it's going to cause a problem ASK if some of the charges can be reduced or expunged.

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Dyanport answered...

Yes we buried his urn at his church cemetery, followed by a memorial luncheon afterward, all at the church. The FH had one gentlemen there for the church service portion.