How do we get my husband out of a bad rehab and will it affect his coverage?

1 answer | Last updated: Oct 18, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

My husband is in a horrible rehab facility. What will it take to transfer him out? Will this affect his rehab coverage?

Expert Answers

Kay Paggi, GCM, LPC, CGC, MA, is in private practice as a geriatric care manager and is on the advisory board for the Emeritus Program at Richland College. She has worked with seniors for nearly 20 years as a licensed professional counselor, certified gerontological counselor, and certified geriatric care manager.

I believe you can tell the facility you are transferring him, and then do it.

Before you do that, be sure to find a place in another rehab. Good ones often have a wait list. Talk to the administrator in the rehab you are considering. Be very specific about what troubles you in the current place. Don't just say, "The food is bad.' Say what is bad about the food, and then ask, What does your facility do to solve this problem??

Again, be careful that the answer is Specific, not general. You may ask for it in writing. Remember that you are the customer. Even though you are not directly paying for rehab, you still have the power to give them the business, or not.

Changing rehabs should not affect his Medicare status. Remember that there are only 100 days of Medicare rehab per incident. He should have the same number of remaining days after he moves to the new facility as he does when he leaves the current one. Also remember that the facility cannot keep a patient once he has achieved his potential for rehab. Opinions vary. One therapist may say he is eligible for more days, another may believe that he has plateaued and will go not further.

SO, be sure someone from the new rehab comes to the current rehab to assess your husband, and make sure that they can improve his rehab experience at their place.

Also, you will need to arrange transportation. Medicare may not pay for another ambulance or wheelchair van. You can ask the social worker in the new rehab to check into this.