Is there any way I can find affordable insurance for my mother?

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Bevel asked...

Okay, I know it's late but I found out my mom is not in any type of life insurance but before I go on, I will relay a bit of history... Initially, when I had her see a doctor years ago concerning a memory lapse; the nurse question her with some type of memory test... I think it was some type of alzheimers' test (MMSE) in which she didn't do well. The doctor then diagnosed her as having alzheimer based on that test and his nurse observations (and a bit of his opinions as well).

However, he ordered more extensive test be done to verify his diagnosis. My mom had an MRI done and the specialist said everything according to his findings were normal and he could find absolutely nothing wrong. This report was sent over to her doctor whom had already started her on airecept and lexapro for treatment of memory loss and depression. (Actually as the weeks past my mom had done well and the only thing noticeable is dementia(forgetfulness)and that's been 7 or 8 years ago. She remembers names and who her family is...knows of the older friends dead n alive. Sometimes I might have to jarg her memory on only a few buddies but she always seem to recall them. She's a great conversationalist and thoughts are on track as to what's being discussed.

Okay, here's the problem: Back to the not having insurance, I can't get her insurance because her doctor never amended or changed his mis-diagnosis of her having alzheimers. I feel the doctor should take the mis-diagnosis out of her records or make ammends disregarding his hypothesis.

Because, evidently when the insurance companies are checking her medical records, he still shows his initial guessed findings according to insufficient medical test based merely on things said and again...guesses. How can the insurance company focus on her MRI, CT findings which are accurate instead. This doctor says he can't remove the initial findings due to HIPPA...and I understand but... it doesn't seem fair and what's worse...All insurance companies are turning my mom down due to his initial diagnosis. I think the medical files should reveal only what's accurate and precise. I hate my mom don't qualify for any feasible costing insurance. It should be clear that my mom has dementia not alzheimers'. If I have to pay bundles a month....wouldn't it be better to just save for the rainy day? I can't afford late-life insurance cost (so thought my dad had taken care of this). Needing advice n thanks in advance.

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Duane Lipham is a certified long-term care (CLTC) consultant who writes extensively on long-term care insurance issues. Lipham has also been a caregiver for members of his own family.

I have had these kind of memory issues arise from time to time with my clients too.

I find that most of the memory tests performed by the primary care physician tend to be very short in duration. If you want a definitive answer as to whether the diagnosis of the primary care physician is accurate or not, I suggest that you schedule a thorough memory exam with a neurologist instead. Neurologists tend to perform much more thorough and exhaustive tests and are much more reliable.

If the neorologist doesn't find any major memory issues, that will usually trump the original diagnosis of the primary care physician in the opinion of the insurance company.

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Isabelleking answered...

Your mother is showing signs of a cognitive problem. I hope it's not that bad and she'll still qualify for private insurance. If not then you need to consider other payment options like combination products. This is recommended for people who are no longer eligible for long-term care insurance. It's hard to take care of a loved one diagnosed with a cognitive problem and it costs a lot too, so I hope you'll find the right coverage for her.

There are myriad of ways that can help you find affordable long-term care insurance and one of them is by requesting for quotes. A lot of websites today offer free quotes but don't give your personal details to any website. Make sure that it is reputable and offers quotes from major carriers. This allows you to compare poicies from different carriers, premiums, benefits and discounts. This is recommended for people who want to save time and money when purchasing insurance.

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