Mom sells condo and goes to AL but can she hold back some $ ?

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Buffalogal asked...

We are looking at assisted living for my Mom in Ohio. She owns her own condo free and clear. Income is only SocSec. Expenses are taxes, hoa fees, living expenses, car ins. Pretty simple. She will need to sell the condo to have the guaranteed amount for the AL. When she moves to AL she will qualify for VA Aid and Assistance Once her funds are spent down they will automatically switch her to Medicaid to cover they expense. Can she hold back or use any funds from the sale of the condo to pay for burial expenses or other needs while she is living. Where can I find out how this all works? She lives in Ohio and I am in Colorado trying to learn what I can.

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Caringdenise answered...

Hi buffalogal, Thanks for your questions! Our family advisors are available by phone seven days a week to answer questions about paying for assisted living and finding a community near your mom in Ohio. They can even schedule tours for you and your family.The service is no charge to families and seniors: (800) 325-8591

We also have some online information that you may find helpful:

I hope these resources are helpful to you -- thanks for asking!