How can I not be eligible for any coverage?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Prokofiev asked...

I am 86 years old and need financial help and home services. It is claimed I am making too much on my Social Security. How then is it that I don't have health insurance outside of Medicare and I don't have life insurance? I do not have burial insurance...I can't get help from the VA. I am a combat Vet of WW II. Unless I am disabled I have no help at all. I am ready to return my combat badge to the VA. Thank God I don't have a mortgage.

Expert Answers

There are several places that might provide you with some help. First, you can get some short-term home care assistance from Medicare while you recover from an illness, injury, surgery or other treatment. This care is limited to a recovery period, however, and is not available long-term.

You say that it is claimed you're getting too much from Social Security to qualify for home services. It seems that you're referring to Medicaid coverage. But Medicaid eligibility can change if your circumstances change. If you need more home care than you did awhile ago, or if you have higher regular medical bills now, you may be able to qualify for Medicaid and the extensive home care it covers, depending on the specific Medicaid eligibility rules of your state. To find out whether you might now qualify, get in touch with your local Medicaid office and begin a new application process based on your current medical and financial circumstances. You can find the local Medicaid office by going go online to any search engine and entering "Medicaid" and the name of your state. That will take you to the state's central Medicaid site, which can then direct you to a local office close to you. Or, you can call the Eldercare Locator toll-free at 800-677-1116 and ask for the same information.

Because of your wartime military service, you might be eligible for a small VA pension even though you do not have a service-connected disability. But this pension is available only if you have a very low income, and your Social Security benefits might make you ineligible.