What kind of legal action can I take to care for my mother, who has got cognitive issues?

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Mary wooden asked...

My mother has not been diagnosed with alzheimer's but she is acting very irregular such as being very paranoid, not remembering, and imagining seeing people who are not even in the same state and everyone is against her. She will not go to the doctor because she feels they are plotting against her. What kind of legal action can I take?

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Mrs vapc answered...

i am member of my kids family an we have had death in two years straight now again i dont have any money until 25

Baltinsky1 answered...

I have 2 sisters in a nursing home which has a locked ward where patients from the dept. justice are brought in and mixed w/the "traditional residents." We have no recourse. I was told that MCKaskil's husband owns the chain of nursing homes my sister is in. It frightens me that they put these people together--as for HIV, I supose this isn't necessarily an HIV person who has a "legal" past, but yes it would frighten me. Seems anything is legal today if our wealthy people decide it is, if our politically connected people say it is. I'm so sorry--wish I could help more. Nursing homes are horrible--no matter how fancy their lobbies are--they're terrible.

Orangeunsub answered...

Without having her go to a doctor to get evaluated to see if your mom is suffering from some form of dementia, I get a strong feeling that getting her to sign any type of legal document to assist her, for example a power of attorney might also be an extremely difficult task.

does your mother have a regular PCP? Has she been with them for awhile? Meaning that do they have a long standing relationship where a call from him or her might help ease her concerns even if you have to fib a bit?

You can always try and I only recommend this as I had to do itis use a little tom foolery if you can. When my therapist wanted to met my mom or suggested to go to a different dr. for something else, just as a consult or preliminary kind of check-up, hopefully this can work. I told my mom that I had to see a Dr. and i was very nervous and could she come with me for support and hold my hand. I would say it isn't because of bad news, just that I don't want to go alone. I also told her that my Doctor has heard so many wonderful things about you from me and he would really like to meet the woman behind those 'wonderful ' stories. A few examples can be useful to, 'seal the deal'? Even with out the smoke and mirrors, what about time for a flu shot, a different Doctor maybe. from what you say and it isn't a lot, but I get the impression your mom isn't very far along in whatever is happening to her. Please don't be so quick to slap a big A on it right away. I mean that in a positive way. there are many different things it could be, those issues are not always Alzheimers, but she does need to get seen, in my opinion

I would definitely speak to her Dr if possible, a family attorney, again one she knows and trusts goes a long way. I do not recommend any sort of trickery in regard to legal matters, please I want to make that clear. I only use it as for a trip to the Doc. the sad irony is that the worse your mom gets, the easier it wil be to get her to go with you to see a Dr. Alz. is always best treated early as many here will tell you.

Think! you can can come up with something. Do not be afraid to ask for help, a little kindness sometimes comes from the strangest places