What are late stages of dementia signs?

2 answers | Last updated: Mar 28, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

What signs can I look for in a person in the late stages of dementia? During the last two weeks she can not sit up in wheelchair without falling forward, does not want to get out of bed, sometimes forgets to swallow but still remembers the other caregiver and me. She still tells us that we are only people who care for and love her. Is she coming to the end of life?

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Community Answers

Krwcna answered...

I think the last stages are they no longer walk or talk. They cannot eat regular food or drink. They also spend most of their time in bed by now or a geri chair.They basically cannot do anything any more. The person they used to be is not their. They do have their good day and bad. I don;t think they can remember you or the caregiver at this point. I just think touch is one of the biggest things they feel and also your mood they can sense. I work as an CNa and have seen people go though all three stages. It is hard but the biggest thing you can do hold their hand give a back rub. I also have seen people not eat for 2 weeks and are still here the next day. Death comes when it comes.

Joyg answered...

My husband could not speak for months and he was also in a geri chair. I continued to sit beside him and stroke his arms and his hair. He loved for his hair to be rubbed. I would sit close and remind him of old memories and stories. Sometimes he could respond by wiggling his eyebrows. We had always loved to dance, so I would put on old Sinatra songs or New York, New York. Then I would take his hand and gently move to the music. We read poetry and stories. Music was always playing softly in the room. Like Krwcna said, back rubs are good. He lost a lot of weight, but reminded content for many months until he actually passed. Even when their eyes are not open or they seem not to respond, I feel that they can hear and feel.