Is there any assitance programs available for survivors?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 17, 2016
Yvonne wilburn asked...

My sister in law is a asian american , living in Shoreline , Washington > her husband passed away and had @ life insurance policies according to insurance company worth $ 20,000.00 however it's been close to 4 months now and the insurance company denied payment of second policy leaving my siter in law with a $10,000.00 bill .Other than having a language barrier she is not familiar with resources, her husband handled her needs . I am seeking assistance for her to be granted stated policy coverage when checked prior to burial arrangement or financial assistance to lower remaining balance of eliminate debt . I could surely use any advice and or direction to easy her bereavemnt . Thank you !

Expert Answers

You ask if there are any assistance programs available to (low-income) survivors, that can can help her obtain insurance proceeds for her deceased. It's possible that a Legal Services office can help, if there is such a program in or near Shoreline, Washington. Beyond that, all I can think of is to contact the local bar association to see if it can provide a "pro bono" (ie no cost to your sister in law) attorney to help her.)