How can I get my husband to stop giving away money?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 13, 2016
Mitzifier asked...

My husband is in the beginning stages of dementia. He has 3 grown daughters from a previous marriage and 3 grandkids. He is forever trying to give them as well as a nephew money. His favorite phrase is "all you have to do is ask" and sometimes they do. I am 20 yrs younger than my husband and work about 50 hrs a week at my job and he draws a very, very modest retirement. His family never asks what is going on with his health. They just laugh it off as forgetfulness. I don't want to take his name off of our accounts because he is capable of going to the grocery or hardware store and I don't want to treat him like a child, but I have had it with the handouts.

Community Answers

Ken's kid answered...

Perhaps a debit card would be good for his trips to the grocery and other stores. I use one for small purchases when I don't want to deal with cash or writing a check. You can keep tabs on it through your on-line banking service, and re-load it when it's running low, plus he can't over-draft because when it's empty, the store declines it. I also suggest you sign up for your own bank account, and then keep only a small amount of money in your joint account, so his gifts to his family are limited. You aren't treating him as a child, you are protecting his assets. My good wishes are with you; money management can be lots of trouble.