How do I find a new psychiatrist?

1 answer | Last updated: Oct 22, 2016
Ladydi-2007 asked...

I am trying to find a new psychiatrist. I currently am using one. But she does not want to fill out paperwork for my disability and and keeps saying if she gets any more paperwork from my insurance she is going to refer me to another doctor. I have been with her for six years. I'm bipolar with psychosis. What am I going to do?

Expert Answers

Mikol Davis, PhD has worked in community hospitals with geriatric patients suffering from dementia, depression, and other psychiatric problems. He has a doctorate in Psychology from the University of San Francisco and has been in private practice in Marin County, California. Davis co-founded with his wife, Carolyn Rosenblatt.

Sorry to hear about your trouble in replacing your psychiatrist. The best resource is to contact your local county medical or psychiatric association for a referral. Another option is to find a psychologist to work with you and request that your psychiatrist continue to prescribe your medication. I belong to my local psychological association and we offer the community a great referral source to competent mental health professionals. Good luck.